Hi there! My name is LeAnne Martin. I’m a writer and speaker, a wife and mom. I’m so glad you’re here.

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Glimsen, a Middle English term, means to shine faintly with a wavering light, to glimmer. To give or catch a glimpse of.

In this space, Glimsen means me sharing a glimpse, a glimmer of beauty with you. I believe that seeing and noticing the beauty around you will brighten and enrich your life like it has mine. And I can‘t wait to take you along with me.

I love beauty. I‘m a beauty seeker and appreciator. I’m a writer with an eager heart that’s open to wonder and awe and excited about sharing the beauty that I find in daily life. I believe that beauty points to something greater, something bigger than ourselves. It hints at the transcendent. It points to hope, and hope is something we all need.

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Speaking of daily life, my husband and I live outside a large city in a quiet neighborhood with woods and wildlife. Our daughter goes to college in another large city with its own beauty. I miss her every day, but we see her as often as we can.

I love my family and friends, my church and community. I love writing and reading and taking snapshots of the moments and days that make up daily life.

I hope you enjoy Glimsen. Have a beauty-filled day!

My other favorite thing to do is to hang out with my people over a meal that I didn‘t cook. If chocolate is involved, that’s even better.

Thank you for stopping by! Please take a look around while you‘re here. You can:

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I hope you enjoy Glimsen. Have a beauty-filled day!