What kind of word is glimsen? And why would I name my blog that?

My love for the beauty around us in nature, in art, and in unexpected places inspired me to start a blog. I want to share the beauty I experience with you in the hopes that it will inspire and encourage you to seek it out in your own life.

My first thought was to name the blog something descriptive like “Beholding Beauty” but I found that any blog or website with beauty in the name almost always involved physical beauty: skin care, cosmetics, hair products, etc.

Nothing wrong with those things, but that's not the kind of beauty I had in mind.

So I sat down and made a long list of synonyms and related words and ideas. I brainstormed by myself and with my husband, who’s a whiz at names. We got some promising ideas but nothing stood out.

Then, one Friday night at the dinner table, we started another list. We both liked the word glimpse, but unfortunately several blogs and brands use some version of it. But then we looked at the origin of the word, and there we found our name.

Glimpse comes from glimsen, a Middle English term, which means to shine faintly with a wavering light, to glimmer. To give or catch a glimpse of.


I want to give you a glimpse of the beauty that's all around us so you will be inspired to seek it out in your own life.

So, we had the name. Now for the logo.

Working with a design firm we have used for other projects, we settled on the logo: a flowing, serif typeface and a mark made of capital Gs that calls many things to mind: a flower, a snowflake, and a cross.

Does it remind you of anything else? If so, please let me know in the comments below.

We chose colors that reflect both my favorite color, a bluish-purple, as well as my love of nature, green. The combination makes me think of hydrangea bushes, Monet’s Water Lilies paintings, and a hand-painted blue bottle my husband bought me when we were dating. These colors make me think of art and creativity and life itself—all of which I’ll talk about on the blog.

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