Ten Random Facts about LeAnne

  1. When I was little, I was a tomboy. My first best friend was a boy with dark, curly hair who lived down the street. On any given day, we played cowboys, or policemen, or paramedics, or spies. I loved being a hero as much as he did.
  2. I grew up playing softball in a church league. It was a family affair. My dad was my first and best coach; my mom, an excellent third-baseman, was my inspiration; and my sister, a little firecracker of a short-stop, was my teammate. It was slow-pitch back then, and that was fast enough for me.
  3. I am not a coffee drinker; I am a coffee smeller. I like coffee shops for their fragrance, ambience, and work-away-from-home convenience. If you and I were to meet at a coffee shop, I would order a frozen chai latte, fat-free but with whipped cream, of course.
  4. I’m from the South, so chai latte aside, my favorite beverages are iced tea and a good fountain Coke. But I mostly just drink water.
  5. I’ve been told I don’t have much of a Southern accent (check out my Welcome Message and see what you think), but even so, I can pour it on when it suits me and am happy to do so when asked.
  6. My favorite treat/snack/meal is milk chocolate. If it’s an emergency, a Hershey bar or Reese’s peanut butter cup will do just fine. Or, if I’m feeling fancy, a small(ish) bag of Lindt Lindor truffles.
  7. My favorite dog breed is Lab. I’ve had one purebred (chocolate, of course) and two Lab mixes who were rescues—all gorgeous, devoted, and very, very smart. At this point, it would be hard to ever have a dog that isn't smart.
  8. When I look back at my daughter’s little girlhood, I remember hugs and kisses, freckles and dimples, laughter, big blue eyes, and living in the moment—all good things. You know when older moms tell young moms that time flies? It’s true. It really does.
  9. My husband inspires me to set meaningful goals and be intentional about my days so my years will add up to something beautiful.
  10. I’d rather eat than cook, read than clean, and pile than file. I want a beauty-filled life, but I don’t require perfection, either from myself or anyone else. I want to be real, approachable, and welcoming in person and on my blog and site. I hope you’ll see that here at Glimsen and stay a while.